Công ty TNHH SƠN KENNY đạt chứng nhận ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015
Công ty TNHH SƠN KENNY đạt chứng nhận ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015
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Thông báo thay đổi bao bì sản phẩm KENNY
Thông báo thay đổi bao bì sản phẩm KENNY
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World of color

Fengshui's color

Mệnh Thủy

Water element

Water is element of wealth, beautiful art, gentleness, not only in Fengshui but also considered an in dispensable element of cultures and beliefs. The color of Water element is one of many colors used by Vietnamese. Let's discover with us in Water element color collection.
Mệnh Thổ

Earth element

Wood is one of five-element in Fengshui, it is the most significant in the life of all things on earth. Moreover, Wood represents wisdom, loyalty, fairness and equality. Colors related to Wood are equally diverse, let's discover with us in our Wood's color collection.
Mệnh Kim

Metal element

Metal element is representing by Metal, it is one of five element-element in Fengshui. Metal is a precious mineral found deep inside the earth, such as Diamond, Gold, Silver,… Yellow is corresponding color of Metal element, besides white and Grey. Let's discover with us in our Metal's color collection.
Mệnh Hỏa

Fire element

Fire is element of source of life that is overflowing, daring, intense, but also equally warm. In the living space, the colors of the Fire element contribute to bring full energy to your home , creating strong highlights. Have you chosen the suitable Fire's color for yourself?
Mệnh Mộc

Wood element

Wood element represents by trees and proliferation of this earth. Trees are living intimately human, without trees, humans cannot survive in the world. Characterized by green color, Wood element color is everywhere and their color is the most important color of Vietnamese people.

Architecture collections

KENNY brings a collection of era-appropriate architecture with diversity of construction models which made from striking colors in KENNY's color world.
  • Kiến trúc Biệt thự

  • Kiến trúc Nhà phố

  • Kiến trúc Phòng khách

  • Kiến trúc Phòng ngủ

  • Kiến trúc Phòng con yêu

  • Kiến trúc Phòng bếp

  • Kiến trúc Phòng làm việc



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